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Calling out this phagg0t at Blizzcon

Calling you out! [Embed content] @ 2:15 mark Supreme.walmart.tigercamo.starbucks [Image] Please respond.post pics of female also kpeaceoutbye

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[FS] Samurai 710xx (size32)

Brand new - Got them 3 days ago, Worn 1 hour/ All i have is my iphone cam, heres some pics. On Thier site it says size 32 is 33 Waist, but i measure a current 32 waist Size 32 (Hemmed to 36 inseem pre-soak) (Soaked in hottest Tap 40 mins, Air dryed, worn for a hour while playing some games or something so i was sitting) [Image]

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Farewell Hb

yallass [Image] Also - Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy 21st. <3

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