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Kickz Documentaries...?

...just wondering if any of you guys know of any movies, films or documentaries about kickz/sneakers? I know a few of you have mentioned a show on ESPN - but just wondering about any other sources?

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Some of my photography...

Sorry in advance if some of the photos are sized kinda large... [Image]

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Nike Dunk Definitive Collection List?

Guys - is there any website or list available that shows all of the Nike Dunk collection in its entirety? I would be an invaluable resource to sticky if one does exist. I was just curious because I own four pairs of Nike Dunk Lows... the previous thread I created you guys told me they were the Euro Wash Pack's... I had no idea. It'd just be kinda cool if there was some kind of list to cross-reference... *shrug*

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Dunks: Anyone have these or know what they are?

Got these a few months ago at the Nike Outlet Store in Albertville, MN. I regret not saving the box (I know... but I bought them because I thought they were "cool"... not because I even knew at the time they were Dunks.) D'OH! :rofl: Any ideas? [Image]

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