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Does anyone own a pair of Dr Denim?

To play a DirectX 9 game you need the APIs installed and a DirectX 9 capable graphics solution. Same goes for DirectX 10 you need the APIs as well as [URL]  system performance. So although the APIs are more advanced in DirectX 10/10.1, its not necessarily faster.

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RPM West

Firstly, with an outdoor digital sign, advertiser can replace adverts remotely, doing away for the need to visit the site to change content. Secondly, each outdoor digital sign can relay multiple adverts on the same space, maximising revenue. Thirdly, adverts on  [URL] the morning and evening commuter run.

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Anyone else really tall and skinny?

Used for wayfinding, warnings, advertising and information, notices and signs are found in almost every outdoor environment. But traditional signage is  [URL] going through a transformation and a new wave of outdoor digital signs is revolutionising our towns, cities, highways and public buildings.Since the development of LCD screens, out of home advertising has gone through some dramatic changes in recent years.

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