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Diamond Supply x Marilyn Monroe XL

[Image] Asking for 70 bucks shipped on Paypal. If you're interested PM Me. I don't like how it fits so I don't want it.

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What's The Last Movie That You've Seen?

Just saw Black Swan too pretty good movie.

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Why do Black People call Latinos "Spanish"

I don't ever call Latinos "Spanish". I call them by their names.

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Spring 2011 shirts are looking pretty dope. Might buy that smoke ring shirt

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Diamond Supply Marilyn Monroe


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Diamond Supply Marilyn Monroe

I'm trying to find a Marilyn Monroe for a friend. He wants a Medium or a Large in white or tiffany. PM me if you got one.

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Diamond Marilyn Monroe, others, 3sixteen, IM King shirts&flannels

I already paid Alejo for the MM man. Just letting you know Danker.

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Feedback: deceptikonEM1

This guy is legit he sold me his tiffany diamond x black scale. Very smooth and easy business with him.

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Diamond Supply Co x Black Scale (medium) / Cold As Ice + Cassie Posters!

I'll buy the tiffany black scale shirt if you don't mind

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What kinda backpack do you rock ?

Northface is what i rock.

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Which jordans to get

Get the raging bulls. Their better.

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[Black Scale] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Gotta cop that Diamond x Black Scale shirt when it comes out.

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What yall rockin' this SUMMER?

My jordan 11s and some nikes

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Are u gonna have kids

I'm not good with kids so probably not going to have any.

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What are you listening to?

Wiz Khalifa - The Thrill

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