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haircut in London

where can I get a good haircut in London? Classic slicked back type of cut. Any good barbers? Tried Murdock, didn't like it for the price.

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Anyone studying in London

I'm moving to London next weekend for university. Anyone else moving to London to study?

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Japan trip

I'm going to Tokyo on June 1st for 7 nights. It's not that long of a trip so I was wondering what are must see sites in 7 days? I wanted to go to Kyoto too but i doubt there will be time.

2 Weeks ago in Japan

London for the weekend

Driving down for the weekend. Good places to eat? Nightlife? What shops to hit up?

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Paris trip

Going to Paris next Thursday, anything going off/places to visit?

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Rhyme Asylum - Event Horizon feat. Crooked I

[URL] So sick, cant wait to hear this album.

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Lug Nuts

What lug nuts do you use? Been looking for some purple lug nuts, Mitsubishi fitment 12 x 1.5. Wondering what you guys use?

2 Weeks ago in Automotive