hype cog

could someone please identify..

[Image] this artist or where it comes from?

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summer shoes

I'm looking for a pair of light, comfortable, breathable summer shoes that I wouldn't mind messing up. I was thinking about vans or lakai's but I'm not sure what model to get. Any suggestions (other than sandals)?

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I heard that they all stink (new). Anyone know why they stink?

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Girls in chukka boots?

what do you think?

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Vans Rub/Pain?

I looked at different reviews for slip ons and authentics and i saw a few complaints about the heel rubbing and hurting. Has anyone experienced this? Did they ever break in? How bad do they hurt?

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High Top Puma Clydes

(pic is just an example) [URL] Where can I get a hi top clyde? Do they release these anymore?

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Converse x Mike Giant & Psycho Pro Leather

[Image] What do you guys think?

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Splatter Neon Chucks

I seen these shoes a couple years ago. They have a neon green or pink stripe, with neon colored splatters. anyone know where i can cop?

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Vans SK8-Hi & Low Cab Fit?

I want to get the cabs to skate in and the his for casual wear. Do these shoes run a little big or small? I wear a US size... 8 in converse 8.5 in AF1/Dunks/Puma Roma if that helps I'm ordering shoes online for the first time and wanted to make sure which size would be best. And the site only has the HI's in 8.5 and the Cabs in 8

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Band Themed Vans

Where can I find a site that has all the band theme vans? (not looking to buy yet just want to see what kind of band themed vans they released)

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Puma Pele Brazil

[Image] I tried on a pair of these today; when walking around they got "annoying" to wear. The top of the toe area kept hitting my top of my toes (when you bent the shoe to walk). I was just wondering if anyone has these and had the same problem. Does that feeling go away after breaking them in? Or it always does that?

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