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Anyone else think Music is THRASH and Boring?

The weather in NYC has been real shitty and so while spending my rainy days in all day surfing the web, I discovered the documentary, [I]Before The Music Dies[/I]. Good stuff. Real informative. Expresses how I feel about modern music right now.Knowledge is dropped.Check It. [I]Before the Music Dies is an extraordinary documentary and cautionary overview about the state of the music business in America. Written by Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen (and directed by Shapter), each of whom lost loved ones who happened to be musicians, Before the Music Dies is a journey through a vital music scene in the U.S.—-artistically speaking—-that is no longer nurtured and supported commercially. Shapter and Rasmussen take a chapter-like approach to demonstrating how every phase of getting music from artists to consumers is under the control of conglomerates and bottom-line analysts primarily concerned with keeping investors happy. Thus, we see musicians with enormous potential eschewed by the handful of major record labels that are still around. Meanwhile—-as Eric Clapton, interviewed for the film, puts it—-entire teams of makeover people and technicians exist to turn tone-deaf but attractive women into pop stars. Several case studies—-especially the story of singer-songwriter-bluesman Doyle Bramhall II and how he survived ill treatment by a major only to find success on the same independent label as Dave Matthews-—is fascinating. Interviewees include Branford Marsalis, Bonnie Raitt, Matthews, Elvis Costello, and Erykah Badu[/I] [URL]

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Any one familiar with Handsome boy modeling school???

[I]Handsome Boy Modeling School is a conceptual hip hop duo that parodied and acted as a commentary on vain, consumerist, materialistic, and self-absorbed members of upper class society, such as supermodels and people from old money. The pair often satirized upper class snobbery and perceived beauty.[/I] Dudes are real. love their stuff. I also found other cool artists they collabed with like cat power and roisin murphy. heres some cool tunes from em.... [URL]

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DMX Appreciation Thread

I recently started bumping X again cause I found some old albums in my friends crib. Does anyone else think this guy is top 5...or at least top 10? Dude is a Savage!! It sucks that he's going through some shit, but all can say he's unmatched..6 banging albums. here's some classics.... [URL]

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Rick Ross feat The Dream All i really want (Video)

What's Up ho's Ross new vid is out....Beautiful! Im liking the sophisticated mature high class vibe Ross is letting off. magnificent and this vid are the best I seen in the past 2 years. ENJOY! [URL]

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Worst news of 09

why does hollywood keep doing this shit? Fuckers keep destroying classics. First DBZ, and countless other, now Hayden Panettiere is set to play Wendy O Williams in a bio pic movie set for release in 09. im a huge Plasmatics fan, and this bitch playing WOW is a hell no.I dont think she has the RAW talent and energy needed to pull this off. [URL]

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The Obama Deception

Anyone seen it? kinda like zeitgeist. Talks about the new world order, and how obama is a puppet for bankers. real informative. check it: [URL]

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Rick Ross_Cold Blooded

This dude is going in man.....I havent heard 1 wack song from him yet. This is a little snippet. [URL]

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New Ross- Shitting on feat birdman & busta rhymes

Ross with another banger......March 24th Deeper than Rap...I'm really gonna buy this album. I'm expecting good from it. [URL]

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K'Naan- Dreamer

This is the dude from the BET cypher...Dope song tho [URL]

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50 cent Destroying Rick Ross Life

Damn yo, imma huge Rick Ross fan, and what these bitches ( his baby mama and 50) are doing is wrong. Nigah is spoiling her, so in return she could talk non sense bout the boss.....grimey [URL]

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Alchemist Feat Maxwell & Twista- Smile

09 is looking like a good year for music. [URL]

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NYC is done for...Bloomberg tax proposal

Damn, Idk what to expect in the next year or two...shit is about to get grimey and hard. [URL]

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Lykke Li

Swedish Indie singer/songwriter...she's dope, makes feel good music... [URL] dont Sleep!

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Rick Ross_ Mafia Music (50 Cent Diss)??

New Ross....I heard its a 50 diss..Idk [URL]

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The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

OMG...This is the best cartoon out NOW!...marathon today on cartoon network...anyone else into this show?

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