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Common Projects 44, Jordan Fire Red 11, AF1 Low Mita 11

Common Projects Tournament Velcro Mid Black, size 44. Worn a few times, probably 8/10 condition. Black perf leather. [B]$old Shipped. [/B] Common Projects Tournament Low Grey, Size 44. Also worn a few times, also about 8/10. I put heel grippers in the back to keep em on my feet. [B]$165 Shipped.[/B] [Image]

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Supreme XL Stuff.

Up for sale is the grail of grails Supreme Flannel. the red/maroon ombre in size XL. speak up now or forever hold your peace. [B]$175 shipped.[/B] [Image] and a black beauty dot card case. perfect condition. $old Have sold on strictly supreme, styleforum, and sufu, no issues ever. [URL] let me know if you have questions.

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Nike, Reebok, Undrcrwn, Vans Supreme Tons of 11 & 11.5's

So this is pretty much a blowout sale. I am starting a business and need some cash. Thus, sneaker sale is in order. Everything is legit, my descriptions will be accurate and err on the side of downgrading instead of upgrading. Nothing worse than someone saying they wore sneakers 3x and you get them and they are blown out. I am on sufu with this same un, and my ebay id is sneakerdevotee. All + feedback all around. Pm me with any questions. All prices are usps priority shipping to the US via paypal as a gift. If you want to use regular paypapl, add 4%. Vans Supreme Perf Half-Cabs 11.5 7/10 85 shipped [Image]

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The Official Roy Denim Thread

Roy Denim is an interesting up-and-comer in the US denim scene. He focuses on one five-pocket straight leg denim style. A great alternative to APC and a cheaper alternative to SC or FH. [URL]

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