/deaded 10char

I think I'm more interested to know what Camera you're using...

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Official Instagram Thread

Follow a nigga @ Foldings Foldings Foldings Foldings Foldings Foldings

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How to approach this girl?

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Xbox 360: Gamertag Thread

Black Logik Black Logik Black Logik Black Logik Black Logik Black Logik I play Halo

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What's The Last Movie That You've Seen?

Hunger Games. Don't go see that movie.

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Brooklyn Nets Official Logos and Jerseys

Yeah I was expecting some nice ass black and white Jerseys, guess not. [Quote] Three Football. Don't forget Buffalo.

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FITTEDS! Huf LV, Hundreds, Black Scale, Cmonwealth, DQM, 10 Deep, etc

Damn son, all your links are broken like plastic spoons!

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Have you ever bullied someone or have you been bullied?

I used to try to hard to make friends and people would take advantage of me. Apparently they call those flunkies. I just wanted to be cool. I didn't know any better. I never got the problem fixed because I honestly thought this people were my friends so I never complained to anyone about not having any friends, even though I didn't realize I didn't have any. Then on top of that I was "bullied" by my mother. She was borderline abusive and only let me do things if they were completely under her control. Thus as a result, I couldn't be myself and find REAL friends who were like me because I didn't know who I was. I didn't figure out all of this until I was 18. I had no real childhood. All because of bullying... True story.

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Worst Sexual Experience

Fucked a Virgin. Worst sex ever. Never again...

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[Blvck Scvle] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ THE FIRST POST)

Why is it that we never get Pop Up shops in DC? OF went across the world but came no where near the nations capitol. Fuck man...

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Hypebeast Please Help Me.

Did you try adding him to a list?

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[Blvck Scvle] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread (READ THE FIRST POST)

[Quote] What if I order a T-Shirt, can you give me a lighter too?

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Twitter thread

[Image] [URL] I'm now running almost 19k strong in followers. Show me some support!

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MLG/Skill Based Gaming

I actually was a ref for GB twice. Once when Gears of War first came out for that ladder, and once again last year for Halo Reach. It was a waste of time. No pay, no benefit. I just thought it would be fun, it was, but they require too much time for each ref to be active every week. I think they abolished the referee roll in on the site now. I don't know, haven't been on there since I stopped reffing sometime last year. I like the forums on GB though. Cool people there. The MLG scene was something I really wanted to be a part of. But the circuit never comes to DC so it kinda sucks. When Halo 4 comes out I might get back into it. I like to think I'm well above average in gaming, but no where near Semi-Pro. I always hit this plateau where I just couldn't get any better. I think its because in order to be a pro, you have to basically have no life at some point in your career in order to sharpen your skills. I was more of a support player anyway...

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what the fuck do you do

Call some bitches nigga, have them bring you soup even if you're not sick. But you already knew that... wait

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