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Leeonn Voss - Bruce.

Lol, u spellt ur own fucking name wrong. Dope track tho, kinda haunty. Artwork reminds me of some adult swim type ish. I fucks wit it. (nd lol i need my own computer)

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Black Swan (2010)

LMAO. Jus saw the trailer their using to market it. If i saw that trailer or knew anythig about the plot before watching it, it DEFINATELY would not have been as special. THATS why i keep my head out of hype and "news". Its like thier jus trying to ruin the whole experience. smh... The lesbian scene(s) are jus a teeny tiny part of what makes this movie.

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Black Swan (2010)

BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN. &)&)&) (ive watched fucking tons) well not really, maybe, but you know how you feel after watching ONE of the BEST movies you've ever seen... I think it was different for me since i had NEVER heard of it before, SOMEHOW i ended up there cause there was nothing to do that night in LA. tongueface Thought it was some GAY ASS FAGGOT BALLERINA MOVIE tongueface all my friends were laughing at my decision to go see the shit. smh Only reason i picked it was because of Natalie Portmans face on the poster... Then it all just twisted my brain, heart and soul into a fucking knot and shit, i didn't know if i was going crazy or if what was happening was actually happening, i was pretty faded which added to it. I was scared of my own mind for the rest of the night blinkyeyes Im tryin to go see dat shit again ASAP. Been thinking about that shit for days.... Like... i didn't know people still make good movies n shit &)...

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What's ya Fav Anime ?

BERSERK Only watched it once, probably never will watch it again. But dat shit is a fucking ACID TRIP. Golden Boy is a great series IMO, could never get over the fact dude never fucked any of the chicks tho.... I don't think theres any anime where a dude ACTUALLY gets pussy. They jus dance in circles and shit, kind of annoying as fuck.

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naked girl always smokeyface

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ill pic of young michael jordan

[Quote] yes. thats a towel.

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