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FS: Supreme Crewneck Size M Great Price Dont Sleep

[Image]Hey whats up guys? Looking to sell this Black Supreme college crewneck from S/S11 its only been worn a few times and never washed. Im a pretty skinny and tall dude and it never quite fit me right and im looking to fund a new synth smokeyface smokeyface Looking to Get $110 shipped OBO. Hit Me up with offers if youre interested. No Trades please unless youre trading analog synths. I dont know how to embed photos really so heres a link to the photostream and theres 2 tagged pics on there lemme know if you would like to see more but only if youre serious about buying please http://www.flickr.com/photos/goonjoshgoon/7098120099/in/photostream

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Official Dog Advice Thread Vol. Companionship

Alright guys im looking to get a new dog but i dont have a fence so ideally it needs to be a good "inside dog" preferably something pretty friendly since my mom has a little chihuahua mix. So far I have been looking for something along the lines of a Lab or a Golden Retriever or maybe a Border Collie or a Shiba Inu. Please give good dog advice and post pics of cute puppies so i can decide

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Nike SB De La Lows

Hey guys what do yall think about the de la lows? Most people say they like the highs better but i always thought the lows were the better shoe. I feel like theres just too much going on with the highs. The lows are kinda hard to pull off just wanted to know what yall think

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Visvim Pocket Tees and Visvim X supreme 5 panel

Hey guys looking to pick up a few visvim items, been looking all over cant find a visvim 5 panel cap or a captain pocket tee, I have money in hand and paypal ready hit me up

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Visvim pocket tees

Hey guys im looking in to purchasing a few visvim items especially the pocket tees if anyone has one in a size medium shoot me a pm or post in here

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Someone please help me cop visvim

I just got paid a fat ass check and i been looking at pics of dope visvim clothe, especially the high fashion pocket tee. But i dont know where i can acquire these dope pocket tees if anyone is willing to help me out that would be appreciated

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REAL Trap Shit Appreciation Thread

This thread is strictly for REAL trap shit. Post any dope songs or videos you feel are applicable.

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Pokemon Trading Card Game

Hey does anyone still play the pokemon trading card game? I just built a dope grass and psychic deck but theres a few cards i need. Does anyone still have any cards?

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I am GoonjoshGoon

Some of you may know me, others may not. But I am GoonjoshGoon and you must bow to me. [URL]

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Supreme skateboard decks

Does anybody have any supreme decks for sale? Mainly looking for a single deck i cant afford any of the complete sets. I would Prefer a size 8 but any size will work because im not sure if im going to skate it

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Jordan Jones master photographer

As we all know, Jordan Jones is a Jack Of All Trades. Has anyone seen his portfolio or his Flickr account? Im sure its dope to the maximum

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