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will write essays for $15

long story short, i'm jobless and extremely desperate for money therefore, i will write essays/papers/responses/assignments for anyone on here for $15 (flat price, none of that 'per page' rate shit. i've written some shit for people on here, they can vouch for me. samples of my own writing (narrative/literary/research) are available upon request. i guarantee an 'A+' mark if you're in hs. 'A's if you're a freshman, beyond that, i don't know. that is all.

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postmodern v moder/traditionalist vol. art

[Embed content] watch the video and then look at what some of the higher profile post modern artists, ie koons, emin, hirst, are doing. do you agree with rooney? does post modern art have any actual actual artistic merit? is this shit an eyesore? is concept so important that the wildest shit can be called art and sell for millions? come on, hb. let's have a discussion!blushing

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alcoholic, wife abusing magician dies on television

[Embed content] the bastard's doing a magic trick or some stupid shit. then he slumps over, his arms by his side. lmao i fucking love this video. he looks so pathetic just sitting there, dying. then he falls over and his stupid fucking hat falls off. just wonderful. serves the bastard right. i just wish i could have been there to see it. i hope he suffered. fucking bastard. i just feel sorry for his wife and friends that he couldn't have died sooner. stupid son of a bitch,

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pill connects in the greater toronto area?

can anybody sell me or put me into contact with someone who will sell me xannies or roxies?

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anyone got any big cartel stores?


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What are your fav indie blogs?

Mines are redthreat, gorilla v bear, discodust, Stoney roads.

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Lone Appreciation Thread.

[URL] kind of sounds like Board of Canada.

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Asians who look up to white people..

need to go fuck themselves. [URL]

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The truth about religion

Jesus was a communist. Muhammed was white. Buddha was fat.

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Is Soulja Boy Really Going to Produce for Kanye West?

You have boom bap pioneers like DJ Premier and Pete Rock, then you have 1990s mainstays RZA and Q Tip, along with prog rap innovators like Madlib, then you have SOULJA BOY. Is he really going to producing on the album? 'Cause that would sully any attempt at 1990s revivalism.

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Fuck global warming real talk

tomorrow, its gonna be 36 degrees celsius , which is 97 degrees farenheit, in the city of toronto ontario canada. hottest temp ever recorded in toronto was was 41 degrees celsius (106 degrees farenheit) fuck. fuck. fuck. i wanna see how many soft nigs get a heat stroke.

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Physics Majors!!!

My bitch math teacher was talking some shit today, and she said that to be a physics major, you have to be 'semi-genius.' Is this true, or is it elitist rabble from a social Darwinist?

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Rappers of Asian descent...

Anyone know any GOOD ones? Anyway... [URL] [url} http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iK_bu_z6Bk {/url}

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The changing nature of the music industry (not music section)

Ok. Be honest what was the last time you bought a record? Now, when was the time you dowloaded the newest hyped up song off your favorite blog? It probably doesn't need to be said, but record sales have crumbled under the weight of the newest music distribution channel- the Internet. With physical sales plummeting, digital sales will continue to climb in popularity, and in the future, it may be possible that the iTunes and amazons may replace the record stores. But this means more than skydiving revenues for record companies. With the decay of the traditional music companies, an increasing number of artists are opting out of record deals, choosing instead to go independent. For those who don't know, labels have control over the artists works, in an attempt to ensure commercial success and a good return on their investment. In the past, labels provided promotion, artist development, and most important of all, they distributed physical records. The Internet is quickly changing that. Promotion is now a post or two on big stereo or 2dopeboyz. Artist image devlopment is now a YouTube video, or a ustream account. Album and single sales are now a series of clicks on iTunes. The web is now replacing the record labels' pockets as the way in which artists push themselves to the masses, or at least build a buzz." if you had the buzz of a neon indian, or a wiz khalifa, and you were given a record deal, would you take it?

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The adventures o Bobby Ray... Sucks

I just listened to it. Higher/letters from vietnam/satellite/not lost (all the bonus tracks)>>>>the rest of the album it seems all the tracks except for the aforementioned are built specifically to achieve a high level of commercial success. Simple lyrics, repetitive melodies, conventional song structures... All these are artistic contraints that prevent him from reaching his full potential. I think the reason the bonus tracks weren't on the album is because they aren't as commercially viable, but they show his vision of how the album was supposed to be.

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