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Light It Up - Just a little something I made today *feedback appreciated*

[URL] - The song is called Light It up I made this song all today with my producer, its sort of just a feel good song, I would appreciate any feedback, opinions etc..

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Trip To NY

Yo wutup, I'm heading up to NY city(planning on it, not for sure) prolly like thursday, me and a friend are going but were both under 18, (16 and 17) so is there any way we could reserve a hotel? I need some type of suggestions as far getting a place to stay, I doubt a fake ID would work, and I might be able to get someone to check us in but its a bit of a strecth, so im wondering if ne one here knows anything that could be of help to me. It would be MUCH apprecitiated, thanks. Edit** I think i might have a person to check me in but does the name on the credit card ur paying with have to be the same as the name checking in?

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Shops in New York near broadway and 30th

Yo what up I'm new to posting on hypebeast but I've been reading and following some of the forums for a while now, I'm from VA but I'm goin to be up in New York for a field trip tommorrow but am going to be restricted to basically only the wholesale district of NY, is there any nice shops around that area that carry streetwear brands?? Ne help is appreciated.

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