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RIP Hypebeast?

would i be right in believing this site is slowly dieing? i remember this used to be the only site i checked, at its peek there had to be 30+ posts per day. always something new to see when i logged in, but now its struggling to hit 30 posts a week, with the majority if it taken from other blogs. today it hit is all time low. sandles?) i think its time to step down perhaps?

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name and price of these older runners?

what's the name and going price of the shoe on the bottom, 2nd from the left, the flame color ones? just found ubiq is getting these on thursday but i dont have time to wait to phone tomorrow for a price check. it's either these or a dunkesto auction finishing tonight!! any help would be great thanks! [Image]

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radiohead high and dry remix in a mix album?

was in a store this week and an heard a dope rap like remix of radioheads 'high and dry' song in what seemed to be a big mix album anyone got any ideas what that al,bum is?!! pleaaaase!

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Nike vintage premiem collection?

whats the info on these? my local spot is dropping them next week but other info says they are a collab with com de gason (sp?) and only available throug their stores? anyone got these? whats the price and do they come in the og boxs?

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Get over yourself thread

internet bloggers who need a sharp kick in the groin. Chris vidal and bothanspynet, who the hell is that guy|0 more please.

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ALVAL blog on SlamHype

Who the FUCK is this DWEEEEB???? He looks younger than my son that isn't even borntongueface

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