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I just want to extend my condolence to all the people in France. What happened is devastating and unfortunate. To the HB member Francious hope you and your Fam and friend are safe and unhurt.  But what most people is missing out is that we should equally #prayforthemuslims because we all know they are about to get shitted on for another decade. 100+ bodies in France equals 1000+ bodies in the Middle East. I send my condolence in advance.  #prayforhumanity

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Toronto and GTA

Come and support our local talents hosted by The Keystone Gallery [Image] [URL] I know we have plenty of members here from the 6 that might want to check it out.  thanks

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Ted Mothafuckin Dancin

Where you at breh breh? Shits bout Togo down g! Years of waiting breh fuckkkkk

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Account Settings

Can't seem to access my account settings. It ask me to log in then goes to error. Thanks

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GoPro anyone?

Are they worth buying?

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Mod close pls

Close pls

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Happy Canada Day!!!!! Woooo

Am I the only proud Canadian here?!?! Happy Canada Day! Stay safe!

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iPhone help Vol. Drenched

Who recently dropped their iPhone 5S In water accidentall? Went in a pool with my fckin iPhone still in my pocket. Raging so hard right now I can mass murder all the people here in the resort #noelliot Phone is currently in a ziploc bag filled with rice edit: this what happened...I'm in an all inclusive right now and had been drinking pool side since the Netherlands match started. Was chillin with the Chicanos and them dudes were rowdy AF tequila shots everywhere celebrating what they thought was their win. After the match ya boy was steaming then jumped in the pool without thinking. 5 mins in the water got out for a next drink then boom my phone was in my poket all along

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Supreme 23rd Backpack GOOD PRICE

8/10 condition. No holes and rips but flaws are Previous seller painted all/most scratched buckles with sharpie and Waist buckle missing.  Bought the Backpack without knowing its condition. All he said 9.5/10 almost new smh . Nevertheless a very dope backpack. Lotsa compartments, def much bigger/thicker and spacious compare the recent backpacks. Laptop sleeve inside 160shipped fees included to US/Canada OBO  [Image] Buckles - not that bad from far but visible close ups [URL]

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Solange vs Jay-Z

Why the bitch went ape shit on the boy like that?

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Lifeproof - Waterproof cases

[URL] any thoughts? Have you guys tried this? Will be going to the island in 6-7 weeks and was looking for an iPhone case that can submerge underwater and is also sand proof. 2 years ago I went to Jamaica and came back with sand in my iPhone 4. Will want to avoid that this time around thanks

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FS - Supreme Foamposites 1 Black 10.5

Title says it all BIN 750shipped all in to US/Canada BIN 800shipped all in worldwide I will provide a pic of shipping confirmation if buyer is serious. Will arrive no later than Tuesday!  Thanks

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

[URL] Couldn't link the actual video cuz I'm on mobile. But it's in that link. I didn't see bishop in the trailer though Thoughts?

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First Time I heard of Barack was in early 90s

[URL] tldr - American worked in Russia in the early 90s and got in random talks of a Russian who said there will be a first black american soon in the future with the name Barack. Blah blah blah concluded to conspiracy  better if you read it

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Whenever I'm on IG I usually check out the popular section and always stumble upon these Brazilian girls 16-17 years old that makes that chick Angie Veron or w/e her name looks basic AF. Wtf do they feed these bitches man on there? Like they look 25 and up with nice racks and asses and buttery soft looking skin. Any native Brazilians in here can confirm?  and to clear things out I am no pedo at all. Shit I just noticed most of the times. AND NO I AINT POSTING PICS.

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