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[WTB] Nike Roshe sz10

Looking for: Nike Roshe size 10, not too picky about color. PM me with pictures/details/price and please don't give me some bs over retail price. HOLLAA

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What kinda cigarettes do you smoke?

What kind of cigarettes do you guys smoke regularly? Where do you guys get em and how much does it run you? DISCUSSSSSSsmokeyface Newport is pretty good, but we don't have that shit in Canada. smh

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Official Technical Issue Thread

So just got a beater for $500 today,and already ran into some technical issues. </3 Had to get a jump start because i was an idiot and forgot to turn off headlights. Any of you ever have to get your car jump start every once in a while or anything? I'm thinking of investing in a battery charger in case the car dies. But what can i say, for $500 and this thing still runs pretty well for it's age and mileage. Dealing with any technical issues? DISCUSS

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WINGS + HORNS tigerfleece sz. M

Selling 2 Wings + Horns tiger fleece hoodie... Paypal only +4% or gift Will do meetups in VANCOUVER 1. Wings + Horns sz. M CLASSIC FIT TIGER FLEECE, GREY worn 5x, no wash $100shipped [Image] Get at me. -YOUNGGGG PM ME

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