Most ridiculous advertisement ever, no joke

[Image] [URL] what the hell was this ad agency thinking? ?)

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Ripping TV show DVDs

I have the complete Arrested Development series that I wanted to rip onto my mac, so I downloaded Handbrake. Thing is that I'm confused as to how to download each episode so that it copies the title, and how to minimize the size, cause one episode was like 250 MB which is way too big to be able to have all the episodes. Tips would be appreciated

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Chin up bar for doorway

I'm looking to install a chin up bar in my bathroom doorway, only problem is the doorway is pretty small. Was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge on a short chin up bar, 23"+ to be exact. The shortest one I can find online is 24"

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new Xbox "no controller" technology


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[FS] No Money Mo Problems tee

I got this tee a while back at Pedestrian, a small shop on south street in Philly. Don't wear it anymore, so just wanted to see if someone here was interested. [CENTER]Will be washed to get out the wrinkles before shipping, looking for $15 shipped Size: Medium [Image][/CENTER]

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On AT&T, wanna switch from blackberry to iphone

So i'm on AT&T right now, with a blackberry with data plan, but I wanna switch to an iphone 3G. I've done the research and apparently its possible to just switch the SIM cards and have full service (minus the visual voicemail). But can you do this with a brand new iphone or does it have to be a used one? and where can I go to get an iphone without contract NOT from ebay?

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to stop all the trolls and spamming

a post count of at least 10 should be required to post that is all

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quality thermals

Anyone know where I can get some nice quality thermals? American apparel has some but they're not real thick, and i'm not a fan of their quality. I'm looking for ones that won't stretch/wear out after a while.

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clark desert boot shoelaces

I have a pair in desert sand color, broke one of the laces, so i'm wondering where I can get replacements. I've gone to a bunch of shoe repair shops and clarks store itself with no luck. Any ideas?

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