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Skate backpacks

I'm looking for a new skate backpack. Any cool brands out there? I'm looking to spend $150 or less.  I've only had SB skate backpacks which have been tearing on me. Right now the main brands I'm considering are: North Face Dakine Patagonia Atacama Maybe Burton Any feedback on these brands or any other brands you might know would be greatly appreciated.

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atmos x Nike Air Max 1 [Feb. 23rd]

[Quote] yea agreed. might cop the 2nd pair, but the 1st pair is a bit wack

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

Janoskis with cork insoles

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Summer Shoes.

Janoskis would be a good pick. The sky blue ones are set to release in June and the new white/gum ones are coming out next month. Nice colors for shorts/summer

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How Many Pairs Of Shoes you own?


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Nike SB 7.5: J-pack, Denim High, Toki

Selling 3 pairs of size 7.5 Nikes. All shoes are guaranteed authentic and I have pics of everything. I can't post links/images in the thread because my post count is under 25 so PM me if you want to see stuff. [B]Nike SB Low Neon J-Pack[/B] Brand New Alternate laces are black [COLOR="DarkGreen"]$120 Shipped and paypalled[/COLOR] [B]Nike SB High Denim[/B] Brand New Alternate laces are white [COLOR="DarkGreen"]$100 Shipped and paypalled[/COLOR] [B]Nike Toki Canvas[/B] Worn a handful of times, some toe creasing/stains from jeans Unfortunately I do not have the box for these [COLOR="DarkGreen"]$40 Shipped and paypalled[/COLOR] Prices are negotiable. [B]Tradewise I am looking for:[/B] Other Dunk SB's in size 7.5 Janoski's in size 7 Nike SB Backpacks Oakley Frogskins

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LA stops.

Great place in LA for some shoes that I didn't see mentioned is Hot Rod Their site is hrlife.com and they usually stock up on all the latest SB's, Converse, etc. Their site is always up to date and if you're on the mailing list theyll tell you when the new stuff drops in. People in LA should definitely give this place a look

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The Dean's List

They seem like a great up and coming group. Just started listening to their stuff and definitely think they're worth a look. Some of my favorite tracks are: Drugs La Vie Dear Professor I would post the links but my post count's too low. Any guys hear of them/What do you all think?

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Your favorite toys as a child?

[Quote] Haha so true.

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Favorite shoes with denim??

Can't go wrong with Janoskis or SB Dunk Highs

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Oakley Frogskins: Woodgrain or Blue Chrome

bump. Anyone have either pair?

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Nike Dunk High Premium SB "Statue of Liberty" seagrass - with the copper shining thru

Definitely a cool concept. Actually gives an incentive to skate in some nice dunks

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Nike sb dunk mid pro brickhouse red

I got to try on a pair recently and definitely think they look better in person. Im not usually a big fan of red but I wouldnt mind rocking these with the white laces like you mentioned.

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Two tone shoe laces.

You could pull off the first set but definitely not the striped set

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Bringing beat Sneakers back to Deadstock!!

Great work. The dunks look sick

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