Is Citizen still around? Still would like my money back/APCs.

In 2009 I paypal'd him for some APCs and never got them. Just wondering if he's taken a different username or if there's some way I can contact him. I'm too broke to just get over it.

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Vans Core 2011 Fall Zero Lo - Where to cop?


2 Weeks ago in Vans

NYC for New Years, need suggestions

Me and my homie will be in New York. Was hoping I could get some recommendations for local cheaper hip-hop/dub/hipster spots in general and for NYE. Places with no code, etc.

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Kirkland black tees

do they exist? in 6-packs? how about grey joints?

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possible to get a satin varsity jacket tailored?

i understand there'd be some stitching on the outside, but im just wondering if this is possible at all?

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[Vancouver] - where to buy asic tigers?


2 Weeks ago in Canada


anyone seen any nice ones this season? h&m didnt really have anything that caught my eye looking for something kind of bomber style with a cottom hem/sleeves/collar

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[WTB] - Metallics Size 11


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[WTB] - Jordan 1 10.5/11 royal - any condition

actually would prefer some beat ones but holler

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did someone do a "A New Dope" tee w/ Jeezy + The Clipse?

vaguely remember this link?

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do t-shirts shrink width wise w/ how wash/dry

i know they shrink in length but width? i actually had to think about this, at first i thought they shrank both ways but dont the actual seams prevent any width shrinkage?

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[Vancouver] - wtc frogskins, other than goodfoot

where to cop

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cheap, slim fitting shorts?

any suggestions here? not looking for jean shorts or cargos and i dont mean nut hugger tight just slim

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Japanese Brand for Backpacks "Operations"

[URL] yeah i realize these are not super sturdy quality produced backpacks but they look alright to me. it was either these or the american apparel joints. anyone know anything about these? like i said i'm not expecting quality, but these aren't imitating anything are they? obviously the pack layout is classic.

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[Vancouver] - where can i cop the zapatos?

underworld - gone goodfoot - my size gone u.outfitters - don't have them anyone know if they have them at gravity pope antisocial boardroom etc.

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