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The Official Wokka Footwear Thread

Anyone heard of this brand Wokka Footwear? I saw the shoes in facebook, and the quailty looks great. leather, only 21 pairs made, but does anyone have any experience wit their shoes? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wokka-Footwear/208373292524424 http://wokkafootwearco.tumblr.com/

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What Are You Drinking Today??

What Are You Drinking Today?? just post your drink, make it good and tasty *LOL [Image] #PLEASE WITH PICTURE

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Head Essentials

Discuss all about hair-do, sideburns, hair products, hair treatments here! [Image] #Keywords: Pompadour, elegant slick, reverse gray, shaggy, military flattop, slicked back undertop, rockabily, the quiff, mop top, shoulder length, wavy, sideburns, clippers, grooming, shaving, murray's, sweet georgia brown, baxter, grants, beard trim, salons, barber, haircare, straight razors, dopp kit etc #Please with Picture

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