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L.A. fags ....

I dont think many people pay attention to the regional threads... I'm going out there again in OCT, was out there last week but didn't do much in the LA area... I need places to go, eat, record stores, clubs, and especially LA HC kids, any shows going on oct 3rd - 6th, please let me know. thanks ~K00pa

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[FS] SUPREME, Bape windbreaker, POLO jacket, Levis / LVC . L-XL

Paypal only / Please add 4% [B]White Bape Windbreaker - (Medium)[/B] - TRADED [b]Polo Sport Two-toned Parka / Jacket( ? ) - (Large, fits like an XL) [/b] A little old, needs to be washed (kinda dusty), but in great condition! SOLD [b]Supreme MN Jersey - XL[/b] basically brand new, worn 1x, never washed. $180 shipped + 4% OBO [Image] [URL] peep my shoe listing..

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[FS] SUPREME cleanout, Stussy, Manik, Quolomo, Wtaps (M-L)

all sold.. thanks

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[Fs] ☻Supreme Bakshi / Pants, Wtaps BDU, St

got a few things for sale, paypal only, keeps it real.. [Image] will add more shit later... piece

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FS: Supreme box logo caps, sports cap CHEAP


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[FS] Samurai USA sz. 32 - Like new


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[FS] denim (lvc: 1947, 1901)

paypal only please (+4%) I live in Miami, so if you live in CA. Shipping might differ. [I]All of these jeans were purchased by me at the Levi's store[/I] [B]LVC 1947 RAW 501xx[/B] (Made in U.S.A.) 2008 - Worn maybe 2 weeks total, no soaks or washes. sold [B]LVC 1947 501xx "Exiles"[/B] - tagged size 32 waist: 15.5" inseam: 32" leg opening: 7.6" BIN - $150 OBO [Image] pay hard

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[FS] Koopa's GS (LVC1947, Samurai s0500xx, Supreme, HC shirts)


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[FS] visvim, bapestas, air max, nike sb, more (8-9)

paypal only please! Visvim G mowat moc patent - size 9 (fits more like 8.5) +includes dust bag/box 9/10 condition, no toe creases, minimal denim stains BIN : $ 200 >> 180 shipped >> [b]160 shipped[/b] [Image]

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[FS] Sneakers (8-9) Supreme Ari, Huf, Nike SB, Jordan

paypal only please shipping = $10 +4% sig:[Image] (bigger pic: [URL]) [B][U]Starting from top left:[/U][/B] HUF x DVS x UXA hi (no box) size 8 7.5/10 condition S/O: [B]$50[/B] Air Jordan 1 Phat Low (Cement) size 9 (fits snug) 9/10 condition S/O: [B]$75[/B] Jeremy Fish Classic SB's (no box) size 8.5 8.5/10 BIN: [B]$45 shipped[/B] [B][U]Bottom row:[/U][/B] Supreme Ari White (no box) size 9 7.5/10 S/O: [B]$70[/B] Nike SB Dunk Low "Piet Mondrian" size 8.5 8/10 (a little dirty, but great condition) BIN: [B]$90 shipped![/B] Nike SB Dunk Mid "Wheat" size 9 8/10 (great condition) BIN: [B]$50 shipped![/B]

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Omar Rodriguez / Stones throw

[Image] OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ (THE MARS VOLTA) NEW ALBUMON STONES THROW "Old Money" is the debut album on Stones Throw by The Mars Volta guitarist/producer/writer/arranger, Omar Rodriguez Lopez. The album will be released Jan. 27, 2009. The digital release is available now exclusively at Stones Throw. Read more: [URL] it's been a while since I last listened to anything new from mars volta, let alone omar rodriguez. I know he has a few other sideprojects that he has done before, and they were quite impressive. And as most of you TMV/ATDI/etc.. know, Omar is a fucking spanish machine I thought this was a good move for Omar. Stones Throw is an awesome label, and this may get other people to listen to the other artists on the label itself. After listening to the mp3 hosted on stonesthrow, I'm actually liking this stuff. Maybe it's Cedric who ruined it for me after Frances the Mute. That's just me, thoughts?

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[FS]♫♫LVC 1937 501xx (32x34), APC Rescue (28)♫♫

both sold.

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[FS] Supreme shirt/cap, Hundreds, ++ more (M)

all sold

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Official IDM / Ambient / Chill thread

anything revolving around these amazing genres can be posted here! been listening to Boards of Canada music has the right to.. i can listen to this album anytime.. hell most of BOC i can listen to anytime anyday. listen to BOC - Twoism, if you haven't already. I have the whole discography and its seriously amazing. (minus the scary 'color of fire' song.. creepy as FUCK)

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Official Hardcore Punk/Metal thread

hardcore punk hardcore metal whatever the fuck is influenced by hardcore music and isn't gay poppy deathmetal growly bullshit. I've been listening the fuck out of Right Brigade Plead your case, hardest intro? or hardest intro?

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