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Where should I go shopping in Ottawa

Heading to Ottawa tomorrow, was wondering if there are any shops which I should visit. I'm from Toronto, looking for shops that are harder to find (not the generic, run-of-the-mill shops I can find everywhere), brands that are less common. My friend recommended NORML clothing and also REAP & SEW. Looking for those type of shops, men's wear. Street wear or more dressy type both interested.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Matthew Williamson for h&m, were these items sold in toronto H&M?

referring to the old post in hypebeast, [URL] matthew williamson for H&M. I have been waiting forever for the Leather Studded Jacket, and also the blue long sleeve button up shirt. but it seems like there were a few items that never made it to the H&M's in toronto? Can anyone confirm if these were ever released here?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

NEEDED: Garment Manufacturer (mainly cut&sew) in Toronto

Was wondering if anyone had knew any sources for garment manufacturing / cut and sew tailors / screen&silk screen printers that cater for small to medium sized individual customers? Hoping to locate within GTA area Have been working on some designs over the past year and am seriously considering getting some of these designs produced. any help?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Rhinestone blazer/tux jacket seen on tv

i was flipping through channels on monday night when i happen to stumble across gossip girl. i saw a tuxedo / blazer that was being worn by one of the cast members (Bart Bass in the show i think), it was a Tuxedo Jacket / Blazer fully encrusted with small rhinestones. I was wondering if anyone knew who designed it? I downloaded the episode today and managed to get some screenshots of the jacket, they are a bit blurry but you can still see. [URL] not actually looking to purchase it; but was wondering if anyone knew the designer? quite a bold piece but IMO it was nicely done

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where to find: Maison Martin Margiela sunglasses

from the hypebeast main page: [URL] anyone know where i can get my hands on these? perfect for driving glasses :D:D

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LF: Garment Production / Tshirt Printing in T.O.

Hello Toronto people - I am currently looking for a small company which caters for customized screen/silk t-shirt printing, along with the possibility of having tagging / embroidery / sewing services. Custom apparel production would also be a huge benefit. Bottom line... I have been working for a while on some designs during my free time, and I really do think there is potential for my designs to come to life, so this summer I will be investing some time and money into making this happen. I have gone and visited one company located on Queen St. W which they are capable of doing screen printing. But I would like to know if there are any that people would recommend (i.e. they do a good job). Unfortunately, I have a limited budget and therefore cannot afford to produce my designs in bulk. I am primarily looking to have a dozen (maybe slightly more, two dozens?) printed / made each time. If you (or someone you know) happen to know a shop in Toronto that does the aforementioned, please do let me know. Please PM or reply here. Thanks for your attention! Ron

2 Weeks ago in Canada

eyes + swarovski crewneck

anyone seen this sweater? i saw some guy wearing it on tv and cant find the brand. its a plain crewneck (it was dark army green) with a pair of black eyes slanted and on the left its got swarovski stones as if the eye is shining. anyone know what im talking about? im sure this is not a custom piece.

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clothing manufacturer

hello all. i was wondering if anyone knows any clothing manufacturers in Canada (specifically Toronto, if possible) which does small batch screen / silk printing for tshirts etc. i have some designs that i may want to convert to reality. if anyone knows any contacts that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance

2 Weeks ago in Canada

evisu in toronto

is evisu sold anywhere in toronto?

2 Weeks ago in Canada

looking for some dunks in TO

anyone know if i can find the real Dontrelle dunk high premiums in toronto? not the red ones that were sold in footlocker, but the actual black patent ones. and how rare are they? also i was wondering if they have the huf quakes at goodfoot? i know it might be r@pe price but im interested in getting them. any1 with any info please let me kno!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

supreme x marc delf 'camo' hoody?

i saw this hoody somewhere, it was supposedly a collabo between supreme and marc delf and it looked like a bathing ape camo but it was a parody of it and instead of ape heads it had skull and ghoul heads on the camo. anyone know more info on this? (i.e. when it was released) and possibly where i can get one?

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hobby shops (RC cars) in Toronto

nothing to do with fashion but does anyone know where i can get remote control cars for fun in toronto area? i remember seeing a hobby shop somewhere think it mightve been in downtown area or richmond hill commerce gate... any info appreciated!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Looking for some nice Bape in TO? LOOK NO FURTHER!

[URL] [SIZE="6"]** LOTS OF RARE ITEMS JUST IN -- CHECK IT OUT!!![/SIZE] [SIZE="5"][B] All Prices are in USD. If you are from Canada please conver these prices to CAD. You can remove $18 USD from all the prices if you are able to arrange local meet ups in Toronto. [/B][/SIZE] Tired of paying inflated reseller prices for new releases? Tired of having that little selection of bape in TO? Tired of waiting for shipping times? Want to buy Bape in person? LOOK NO FURTHER From today onwards I will keep updating the photo album with new bape releases + other rares so bookmark and keep checking! GET AT ME IF YOU NEED BAPE IN TO! (ofcourse, i will ship internationally as well =P)

2 Weeks ago in Canada

getting sidekick 3 unlocked in TO

ok so me and T.O stylez are trying to find a place to get the SK3 unlocked, it appears that even pacific mall cannot do it. does anyone know a place where they can get this done for sure? all responses will be greatly appreciated!!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

most amazing iced out bape SK3 check it out

[URL] just came across this while i was trying to find a good price for a sk3 for myself. in all honesty i think this has got to be the bestlooking iced out side kick ive ever seen in my life, not just coz its bape but look at how the camo and the ape head is done exactly to the real thing! anyone know where i can get this done?

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