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HB bout to blow up.

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New Watch Company - Need Help with Name!!

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Dat Drake vol. foe head


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Girl from elementary

I remember I knew this girl in 5th grade in oregon, well we were like you know doing what you do in elementary. She, white brown hair cute as fuck, and all. Had to move that summer and it broke her 11 yr old heart. I was the bad guy, fuck her. So I come back and all, to oregon, five 365 days later, and shes looks like young miley. she was hella popular and shit, and i tried to you know get her attention, shit didnt work i wasnt cool enough. then found out she was known for giving head to this lame jack dude. just wanted to remind myself of a win.

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Best Drug Movies

halfbaked hands down

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Who likes Atmosphere?

lol^ good midwest hip hop. gotta love it

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Favorite Soul/Funk/Jazz Songs

anything by sharon jones and the dap kings

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Kid Robot - Futurama

great series. kisrobot knows the drill

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Milwaukee...or all of Wisc.

[Quote] you must've gone to all the wrong places, or sat inside all day. As far as kicks go you can go to Sky High in bay view- this is the only shop in milwaukee that get SB QS's. they also carry diamond, mighty healthy, Nike sb clothing, manik among other brands. Phase II on the eastside carries SB's as well, they also carry supras, vans, adidas, es, DC..etc Moda 3 downtown in the 3rd ward- Carries urban nikes (SB's only in the delafield store), gravis, DC, puma..etc as far as clothing goes they have lemar and dauley, crooks, hundreds, kidrobot all kinds of other stuff. flow is a nice shop too

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