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What is your current car and realistic next car?

current: 01 vw gti 1.8t next: 99-00 civic coupe ex

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I lvoe that show. Donald Glover aka Troy refers to Hypebeast in his rap songs.

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Anybody collect Mighty Muggs?

not to bring back a dead thread, but anyone seen the GI Joes ones? my girl picked me up storm shadow and snake eyes.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Anybody collect Mighty Muggs?

i have a couple of the star wars ones. there is a gi joe set coming in the spring.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

nike dunks samples (supremes)

i have these. they are nothing special but normal dunks. you can find them at urban outfitters, pickyourshoes.com, or etc. i got mine online and paid a decent price. not as cheap as what you paid. oh well. i swapped out the laces for black, but i might go back to the orange.

2 Weeks ago in Nike