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scammer alert CALL ME DADDY

I was doing a trade with this kid, I send out my apparel with pictures and provide tracking. When it comes time for him to send out his he lies and says he sent it out when I didn't even give him my address. He gives me a bunch of bullshit about how he sent it somewhere else by accident (and how he is going through a family tragedy) and gives me a tracking number for a package thats going to california when i live in NY. All during this he is taunting me with text messages from his IPOD. I call the Denton texas police dept and explain the situation. They have had calls about this kid before. He has people send packages to a neighbors house and waits for it to be delivered and snatches it off the doorstep. Luckily the woman got my package before he could and she is sending it back to me. I have a feeling he changes his name on here frequently, so keep in mind if your dealing with anyone from denton texas its probably this kid.

2 Weeks ago in Buyer/Seller Feedback