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Running playlists

I wanted to see what songs and playlists everyone listens to while running. I know some songs are good to start with, some while ending, and some that have a beat that you just naturally run with. I'm also looking for new songs to add to my playlist. Currently i have: ~Peso- A$AP ~Spiteful chant- kendrick lamar ~Gotta have it- Jay-z Kanye West ~Earthquake- Labyrinth ft tinnie tempah ~Highway to hell - AC/DC ~T.N.T- AC/DC ~Underground Kings- Drake ~Hello- Martin Solveig My last song that i always use to give me the final push is ~Whats my age again- Blink 182 Since i only run about 2 miles that's more than good enough for me, but i would like to have multiple playlists to keep rotating. What songs do you use?

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Major in law

Is anyone here majoring in anything law related or going to law school? I'm doing criminal Justice in FIU then planning on going up to New York for law school, or staying in the University of Miami.

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HB cheer me up please.

So i just ended my relationship. It sucks fucking hell but it was inevitable. Hb always delivers when it comes to funny so help a ♥♥♥♥♥ out.

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Looking for a song. 2

btw we should make this an official thread. ok i have a song im looking for its dubstep. im obsessed with it help me find it please. [URL]

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Video lessons 101

I was looking into purchasing a nice camera. But before i invest any money i want to learn about cameras. I have read a couple threads and it seems like there is alot of terminology i need to learn, settings i need to learn how to use and possibly any other things i need to learn. I wan to be able to purchase a camera and lenses with knowledge, so that i can get the most out of my camera. So are there any videos i can watch, or pages i can read that will help me? Thanks in advance to any help you guys can give me.

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So theres a high chance that ill be moving to Phoenix, Arizona. Is there good shops, bitches, anything to do. Ive been told it sucks but idk want to hear some more.

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Explosion in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Explosion Damages 30 Tanks . Follow us on Twitter Everyone is talking about the recent explosion which blasted Puerto Rico. The explosion occurred at the Petroleum Gulf Oil Center, at around 12:30 AM Puerto Rican time. Thirty Petroleum Oil Tanks were damaged, but luckily, no deaths have been noted. Damages will be assessed as soon as possible. Health Officials say to stay inside. They

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You know what to do?!!?

Ok i got a dilemma. Me and my girl can never get alone.. Therefore no play. We got caught by her parents kissing nd they bitchd at her so now the dont let her chill wit me without other people. I had gone to her neighborhood after school and i chilled and walked her home. someone there knew me and snitched to her parents that i was cakeing with his daughter and kissing. so anything like that outa question. her parents dont let her out on her own not even in her neighborhood without being suspicious im there. So she doesnt want to get caught but wants to see me. Wat can i do? ohh i can pretty much do whatever to get to her but its her thats having the problems. Her front door neighbor knows me and her streets the last one in the back so i cant park in the street behind, nor the front because there is no front. What do i does?

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Canon powershot G6

Any tips on good places to find cheap lens for it. I really want to purchase a fisheye that i found for it for 40 $ dont know if its too much though, and what are some other good lens i can purchase for it? Also for anyone with this camera or similar one what would be some good tips on how to use it and the right setings for overall good quality pics? for those who dont know what camera im talking about its this one. [Image]

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lost: disussion thread

im trying to find lost episodes 504-510. because the abc website only has 10-17. i cant find any working videos. Also what are you all expecting to happen in the final season coming up in 2010! i think they all either die on the island or stay there but the island moves again so they cant find them. Or since being lost through time they mess something up and mess their own lives up to where they never got on the plane and it never happened. those are my ideas.

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Following in the footsteps of urbandub..

Im tired of this lurking shit! Been on this site just reading, laughing, crying, fapping (jailbait) and all that other shit wanting to write myself but ohh fuck no account, so Wasup hb fam?

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