Gucci Mane Released From Jail

[URL] Brrr Brr!!

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Chris Brown - Graffiti

Dude can't dress but makes good music, not gonna lie this is actually a really good album, well produced with great featured artists and half more uptempo songs then just his traditional slower R&B songs.

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Alicia Keys - Doesn

Good song, Dope video & Mrs. Empire State of Mind lookin' FLY: [URL])

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Nike Air Griffey Max I Royal Blue/Voltage

Been waiting for these awhile. They were supposed to drop in June & now they came out a month early at NikeTown Seattle [Image]

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Nike SB Summer 09 Dunks

almost Heaven's Gates, but the best of the bunch [Image] Summer 09 Dunks looks alrite to me & nothing special.

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Nike SB Summer 09 Others, release info included

Red Blazer Premiums look SICK [Image] and I'm spent!

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Nixon Spring 09 watches look Crazy

This watch looks outta this world yet clean. gonna cop the white one fer sure! [Image]

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Cassie rockin' SB's

I used to not like these shoes, but this pix kinda changed my opinion cuz I've never seen them on someone. I guess it depends on wut U wear it with to make them look nice, but she just creased the fuck outta them with her right foot. [Image]

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Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah IV

Unlike 2 & 3 that were available for free download on his site, this will hit retail 08.27.08 This poster is so SICK just like all his artwork is so creative like his lyrics. BEAST!!! [Image]

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Azure Blazers wit Black Laces

Dam looks like the alternate laces are gonna be Tiffany colored, but I'm gonna throw the black laces on from my Black/Whites. [Image]

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Wii Fit

Picked up Wii Fit, We Ski & Deca Sports today. So excited to play it rite now. Everyone that got one please post ur feedback/opinions & comments about it. The reason I got it was cuz I snowboard/ski & this is the first ever interactive game of that type & plus I luv my Wii & need something new to keep me away from Mario Kart & Smash Bros. I also need some exercise for my lazy ass LOL [Image]

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Whose feelin the Summer Mint P-Rod 2's

I'm diggin' the Mint tongue & lining, kind of remind me of the Cali dunks [Image]

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Guns N Roses Lows

Theres a pair of Sample size 9 on eBay right now [URL] [Image]

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Kobe + Gasol = Championship

[Image][B][SIZE="6"]The next best tandem in the NBA[/SIZE][/B] Man what a debut by Pau Wall Gasol 24 & 12. I was so happy when I saw the highlights. He was a straight beast on the boards. Just wait til Bynum gets back, I smell Championship. & as for the Shaq trade I think it was a bad move. How is an old big fella gonna run&gun wit the Suns style of play. I bet Phoenix did this to size up wit the Lakers LOL

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I didn't know PacSun carries GRNAPPLETREE

So I went to my local PacSun today on my work break and in the SALE section was a sweet looking GRNAPPLETREE hoody(only 1 size Small, perfect for me) It Retailed for $155, but when i brought it to the register to check the sale price it was only $30.>smh I was fuckin jumpin for Joy. I copped that shit rite away & the funnie thing was the guy that rang it up never even heard of that brand. When the HeLL did PacSun start carrying StreetWear???? Do you think it got shipped to their store by mistake cuz that was the only 1 and I searched the entire store for more.

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