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4th of July

Happy 4th of July HB smokeyface

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What Do You Think HB?

[Image] "I am American and hate it here. We are in "hard financial times" and have shitty government, media, and people. We are in such difficult and stressful times that we can raise over $500,000 to a viral video lady who was insulted by some middle school idiots? Seriously, what are we American fuckers coming to? Not that we weren't bad before, by no means stating that. There are SO many things that you could have better spent your money on, fellow ameritards. $500,000 donated to any studies, charities, progressive groups, local businesses, schools, scholarship funds, or even just kids and the future. BUT YOU ARE FUCKIN' RETARDED. This lady is using it for a vacation. Over $500,000 will now be split between a travel agency (assuming probably 50 agents nationwide), airlines (minor amounts), and some resort in Mexico so she can stay there a few weeks, months even. Very well done ameritards, very well done. Go ahead and copy paste this post, reply to it with comments, argue over the rationality of American people giving one person over half of a million dollars to go on a fucking vacation because she was made fun of by some axe soaked preteens. I really believe that this shows American stupidity and proves their goldfish society mentality." What does HB think? Agree or Disagree?

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What’s Your Gamerscore/Trophy Level?

Gamerscore: 100215 *Games Completed 68 *Games Played 204 Trophies: 269 *Level 6 Clearly I play way too much Xbox and not enough Playstation. What do your numbers look like?

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