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I will paypal 100 bucks to whoever shaves Leonard Leroys Head.

Title says it all he makes me generally uncomfortable, he talks about sparring but is clearly a pussy. so first to shave his head and or kill him gets a hundred bucks. preferably kill him if you can hold his decapitated head with creepy haircut I will consider 200.

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Just dropped my laptop need help

so I just dropped my laptop and the screen cracked twice in the right corner. My screen still works and the computers fine. my question is the crack going to get bigger over time?

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Left Lane Law

What is it with people and not understanding this concept? I dont know about yall but in maryland noone realizes that if your going 50 in 55 you shouldnt be in the left lane motherfucker. I flick so many motherfuckers off for this its common fucking sense

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Amplive remixes old news

this should be interesting to some. old news im sure heres a few though for those under a rock [URL]

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The Holy Mountain

everyone has to see this movie at least once it will bug you out at first and then when you sit back and think about it you will understand highly recommended. its by alexander jodorwsky I suggest watching high I am still trying to take shrooms and watch it, it could end bad tho basically i made this thread for those of you who have seen it and would like to discuss

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Official your hoods characters

so everybody has that guy in there neighborhood or many that guys post em here In my neighborhood we have this guy who sits in front of the quick stop trying to hustle old crusty reeboks and bootleg porn's shits hilarious hes got some good deals too five for ten and shit haha

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Got a problem with someone not sure what to do

some girls know they alphabets some dont

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Backland from Baltimore


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Grimiest thing you have ever done to a woman

this thread is for the grimiest most terrible stuff you have done to a woman I will start us off with two of my own new years last year was at this dudes house who was rich as shit big screen sick stereo system everything so I was real messed up had smoked 3 blunts, drank a half a 30, and a bottle of Champagne. there was this chick there that i had got with before and was planning to again. so I take her into one of the rooms (mind you the party is still going on) so were fucking around and i get her to suck my dick and bust off on her face and then tell her to get out. so she gets all pissed off and leaves i lock the door go to sleep for a few. turns out she walked out into the party with cum all over her face. shit was priceless the next one involved my ex girlfriend and a friend of hers. me and my ex stayed cool and hooked up occasionally. So i had a little party at my house over the summer. she showed up with her friend who i have to admit was pretty hot. So my ex is on my nuts all night so I take her into my room she sucks my dick all good we come back out keep partying. later on that night around 3 Im still up drinking watching tv with her friend. my ex had passed out at this point. so i am spitting some game to her friend and so i ended up hooking up with her friend. Well they both found out about it and that was the end of me and my ex casually hooking up

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Anticon Records WHY?

Anticon records out of the bay area has some insane artists signed, anyone like WHY?, Dosh, The Notwist there whole line up is great defintely worth checking out

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[FS/FT] APC new standard (29)

worn only a week too small. small tear in the hem (picture provided) paypal only $100 OBO really need to sell em so get at me trade for size 29 apc rescues [URL]

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