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This part of the forum is a joke

Everything posted in this part of the forum is usually flooded with little kids who still think 'tiffs' are the shit tongueface should delete the shoe section, its not like its used much anyway, everyone just chats in off topic or whatever

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My birthday xD

its the 24th Im nineteen now.. haha its the same as when i was eighteen tongueface |0

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Post pictures of people/things you hate

anything you dont like really >smh i will start i fucking hate this show with a passion [Image] i will think of more..

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Car or holiday?

its time to renew my car insurance but if i pay it all its going to use up every penny i have.. or i can garage the car for a few months sort out a new job and take out the new insurance policy in a few months? doing this means i can take a holiday to the US this year but it means imma have to use the bus and shit to get around for a few months.. what would you do in the same situation??

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Supreme UK

where can i buy supreme online in the uk? im after a new backpack smokeyface thanks

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Khaki Jeans

im not sure how to post pics myself so.. [URL] i really wanna find these jeans... or ones similar.. i didnt kno if anyone could help me out? smokeyfacesmokeyface

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Sony KDL

i have a 40' sony KDL40W500 and i want to sell it.. i have no idea of what price to ask for it its here on the sony website [URL] i didnt kno if anyone would be able to help me out with pricing it i got it for

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How low would you go?

i dunno if there is threads like this its get brought up alot thou.. i have a friend who is 17 and he is dating a 14 year old girl she isnt 15 till like september or summin.. i personally wouldnt go no lower than 15 if i had to im 17 also.. whats the lowest you would go?

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Gap Year

Im 17 i turn 18 in june and i wanted to take a year working somehwere in america (im from the UK) is it difficult to do? i know there are companies that can help but i havent looked into it proplery yet.. i didnt kno if anyone else has done a gap year before and if it was worth it? blushing

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louis vuitton christopher lookin bag?

[URL] i really want a bag with this sort of shape on the first page the brown one ^^^ i dont kno what they called or where i can get one like it dunno if anyone can help me out? blushing

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