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new pt anderson (there will be blood, magnolia) film about a fictionalised version of l ron hubbard and the birth of scientology with phillip seymour hoffman and joaquin phoenix [Embed content] jonny greenwood on the score again smokeyface

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this troy davis thing?

america... wsup

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would you piss on a girl

[09-09-2011 10:13 PM] Lucasj: You know how dope that would feel? [09-09-2011 10:13 PM] Lucasj: Is that even a question? [09-09-2011 10:13 PM] Lucasj: Fuck yeah I'd pee on a girl

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[URL] best ad-libs of 2011?

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me vs. danielle

so i have the exact same birthday as danielle, down to the year. but i feel like her being an attractive female means she gets more love than i do, and that is something i cannot abide. [URL]

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I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers

first album since frusciante left, out august 26. kinda anxious, stadium arcadium was my favourite of theirs. had no idea the album was thisclose til today.

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Green With Envy

[URL] lol

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[Image] [URL] I really liked this film. Made me wanna see Rainn Wilson in more stuff, and made me wanna see Ellen Page in a sextape. Also interesting that the film went Unrated by the MPAA. OH and Liv Tyler is such a BITCH.

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which boots?

don't worry about the price, i'll take care of it boot company [Image]

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fuckin skiv

needs to stop spoiling tv shows and films in the sb. he's like the buzz killington of hypebeast, like the eileen wuornos of being a prick. someone ban him.

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What happened to Weezy?

Did C3 only do well because of Lollupop? I feel like there's no hype at all for Tha Carter IV. Maybe prison messed up the momentum of all the songs he was featured on in the time between 2008 and now. Like I'm not a huge fan or anything, but it's surprising that someone that went platinum in a week only 3 years ago isn't that big of a deal now.

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scotty, you prick. unban me.

so he bans moops cos moops is bein moops. then he bans me cos i comment on it. i come back today and i'm still banned? unban me, you megalomaniac asshole

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AMC's The Killing

starts sunday, double bill, adaptation of a popular danish drama i couldn't get through because of subtitles. there is a brutal killing, an episode equals a day of the investigation, and it's A MYSTERY. hopefully this carries on amc's winning streak, even though rubicon ended shittingly. [Image]

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[URL] david fincher + kevin spacey + breaking new ground

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The King of Limbs - Radiohead

SURPRISE, motherfuckers!

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