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Where You From?

What's good everyone? Just checkin in to see where everybody is from around here. I myself, am from Waterbury, CT - mid sized city with approx. 100,000 people. Lot of negativity around here but also a lot of good. City is a blue collar working city which instilled many great values into us since day 1. Everybody around here was raised to work hard and earn a living, some thrive while some die. It's all part of life! The newest styles around here are the skinny jeans and the high tops. I am sure that style has caught on most places... The hometown stuff has been catching on around here to. I know many people want to get on forums and talk about how Gangster their city is or how F'ed up it is ... It's time to start promoting some positivity and representing where you're from. So let me know where you're from, what it is like there, whats the latest styles / trends, and anything else you want to tell the world about the place that made you who you are today... Let's keep it positive and shine some light on each others cities and cultures and actually learn something here and raise cultural awareness instead of turning it into a pissing contest to see which city has the most murders or crime.

2 Weeks ago in United States