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[Represent Clothing] - 2014 Wraith and Upcoming Spirit, F/W Discussion Thread

With Represent releasing the Wraith collection a little over two months ago and the Spirit collection coming out in a few weeks, what's you opinion about the brand this year and the garments that's been released. Unlike Ghost, Wraith had discrete branding which Is something I like to find with clothing which in turn got me more interested In their newest collection. I got my eyes on the Wraith Zip Up Hoodie and hopefully can purchase it this or next month, as I like the silhouette and and the overall elongated aesthetic of the piece smokeyface. I'm also Interested with what Represent's planning on doing for their Pre-Fall collection as well and the response they'll receive from Spirit once it's released.

2 Weeks ago in Brands

[Stussy] 2013 Discussion Thread

So far, the only thing Stussy released in 2013 was the Stussy X Clot YOTS Capsule Collection, which In my opinion was a good capsule release. Stussy also revealed their look book for both their regular and deluxe line so what do guys think and what else you''re expecting/would like to see from them  in '13?

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