Favorite Soundtrack from a movie?

Friday Night Lights for Explosions in the Sky or Garden State's soundtrack.

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What are you listening to?

Mew - Frengers album

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The Official Uniqlo Thread

I'm flying up to NYC next month, so I'm pretty psyched to check this place out.

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Perfect albums

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

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Greatest Rapper of all Time

Nas, Eminem, Rakim, Jay-Z, Common, GZA, Biggie, 2pac. I can't pick just one. I can tell you that Lil Wayne is neither the best rapper alive nor in the top 3.

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What the Fuck is wrong with Kanye

Lmao, shit was so cash. Kanye is a tool, but at least he has talent to back it up.

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How Often Do You Buy Clothes

One or two things a month, I'm pretty broke. I have a decent collection from over the years though, so it's all good. blushing

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Male eyecandy thread

Brad Pitt is dope as hell, he's definitely my man crush.

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What are you listening to?

Listening to the new Brand New album -- it's pretty tight, unlike anything they've done before.

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Hypebeast top 100 albums of the decade (Nominees end 9/23)

Bon Iver -- For Emma, Forever Ago Streetlight Manifesto -- Everything Goes Numb Between the Buried and Me -- Colors Brand New -- The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me Say Anything -- ... Is a Real Boy Protest the Hero -- Kezia Circle Takes the Square -- As the Roots Undo Bright Eyes -- I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning The Mars Volta -- De-Loused in the Comatorium Porcupine Tree -- In Absentia Converge -- Jane Doe Opeth -- Blackwater Park Tool -- Lateralus At the Drive-In -- Relationship of Command Radiohead -- Kid A Eminem -- The Marshall Mathers LP Immortal Technique -- Revolutionary Vol. 2 Atmosphere -- When Life Gives You Lemons P.O.S. -- Never Better Arcade Fire - Funeral No order, and I'm sure I'm missing tons.

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