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Diamond Supply - Fitted Hawaii - Kicks Hawaii - Rogue Status - Rare Hats

Hey guys - I have 4 hats that I'm trying to get rid of. Everything is in great condition, just dont wear them and they're sitting around the house. All hats are 7 1/4. Diamond Supply Co x Fitted Hawaii [Image]

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Love them or hate them? Do you like to sport your favorite brands logo or do you prefer a graphic.

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Random Questions About Purchasing Habits

As an individual and as a brand I have a few questions that I'm curious to know what everyone thinks.Look forward to reading your opinions and comments.  1) How much weight do you put on the design of a website? Would you still buy a product from a poorly designed website? 2) How much weight is put on the popularity of a brand? Would you buy a product from an up and coming brand if you thought the work was original and catches your eye? Or would you hold out for something from a known brand? 3) Do you prefer heavy weight tees such as the Al Style that is so popular or would you prefer a much softer tee? [URL]

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Washed Away Asks For Your Support

[Image] WASHED AWAY has created a Kickstarter to ask for your help and support in producing key products from our debut collection. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/washedawayla/washed-away-california-lifestyle-brand?ref=activity If you have a moment to check it out and take a look at our designs that'd be awesome. If you're even able to go a step further and pledge for some cool rewards or share with some friends & families, that'd be amazing. Thanks everyone for your help & support!

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Has anyone had any experience selling their products on any of these sites? Would be curious to hear pros & cons regarding PLNDR, Karmaloop, Jackthreads, Fab, etc.

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[Washed Away] – 2013 Official Discussion Thread


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