{NEW} Fall'15 Collection **Drop** , DSNY

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[FS] {NEW} Fall'15 Collection **Drop** , DSNY

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Starting a New Line/Brand Feedback Thread

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Visor Boards ? Brim Boards? Leather Patches ?for 5 panel production

Whats up guys, im in the process of producing 5 panel hats for my clothing line and i cant seem to find visor boards to create the brims. Does anyone know where I can buy them , i need them asap ! also im looking to get leather patches made for the front of the hat. if anybody can direct me to a spot or online store where i can purchase either of these things that would be awesome! thanks a lot for your help, thanks.

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DumbSmart Clothing Company

Walter Daughtrey - Creator and Owner of DumbSmart Clothing Company Twitter- @walterdaughtrey , @dumbsmartCC www.dumbsmartCC.com Fan Page- Search "DumbSmart Clothing Company" on Facebook Email Address: dumbsmartCC@gmail.com(Also contact if you're local to Southern NY and dont want to order online. Schedule pick ups or drop offs) Bio : Dumbsmart clothing company is an up and coming collection of aimless ideas inspired by the random everyday thoughts of Walter Daughtrey III. With the help of cloths and fabrics, Dumbsmart is able to deliver these concepts to you on a canvas for the world to see. We are not just a brand, we are a cohesive unit of inspired, driven people who wish to be successful and stylish in our venture through life. We don't discriminate, we don't hate, our art is guided by our devotion to style and our infatuation with making you a more appealing sight in the public eye. Current Items Available for Sale: [Image] This Backpack is also currently available for $25 ! WOULD YOU COP EITHER OF THESE ITEMS ?????

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