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$50,000 Stop Shopping at Zappos t-shirt

most expensive t-shirt ever? For 50k, you can stop your wife from ever shopping at zappos again. [URL] [Image]

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[FS] 1 Color Screen Press and Flash Dryer

1 Color Screen Press and Dryer Great for basic designs. Dryer completes your prints in less than 30 seconds. Screen Press was purchased for $100 and the dryer is worth $289 (this is ignoring shipping charges). I bought it off this guy on ebay. [URL] Great product, just no time to press anymore [B]$250 - Located in Diamond Bar/Pomona/Walnut/Chino Hills area[/B] [Image]

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Microsoft Zune

I am thinking about getting a Zune but I dont know if i should go cheap with a $99 4 gb 2nd generation zune or the 80 gb 2nd generation zune for $129 more. worth it or not??

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Mercedes Benz Lifestyle Collection

Nice but basic pieces by Mercedes Benz From [URL] [Image]

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Paris store

[URL] i dont think i could embed so i posted the link to the video

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What would you buy if you had a 25-35k budget?

What would you buy if you had a 25-35k budget? new or used car.

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Anyone own a pair or [URL]? I'm thinking about buying the sorahiko's.

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Affiliate Threads

Hey you guys should do affiliate threads for the "street fashion brands" section. An example can be seen [URL] where the popular brands have little logos(little so it doesn't commercialize the appearance of the forums) with an affiliate thread link below it. The organized thread structure is already setup to easily link as well. Plus you can probably earn extra revenue. Feel free to make me a mod too blushing

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Gym Memberships

bally's is a crappy gym that i am a member of. Soo im thinking about joining 24 hr fitness. Any negotiation suggestions on getting a membership for [I]cheap[/I]? Any [I]criticisms[/I] on any of the bigger chains of gyms?

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hypebeast giveaway

dope idea! looking forward to winning!! kudos to the hb team

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Bigfoot found!

[URL] [Image]

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VIDEO: Nas Interview with Tavis Smiley


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AUDIO: Evidence - Real Power Freestyle

[URL] Dope shit from mr slow flow.

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Shoe storing

I tried searching but couldn't find a topic about this. Does anyone know how to properly store shoes so that they can still be crispy and brand new 10+ years from now?

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Wayyyyy BACK Wednesday

[URL] its not porno, but its still good for you to click

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