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What brand is that shirt with the Panda?

bape for sure

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T.i.- Whatever You Like

yeah this songs a hit no doubt

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A car with only 1 horsepower...screw that


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Subarus (WRX,STI)

[Quote] lmao nice car bro

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[Bape] July 2008 Release

i never rly picture quality in bape tees. a couple of baby milo looks better than the original bape. the kicks are aite.. it's jus that it's hard to get my hands on some real ones i rather rock some baby milo shiet haha

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T-shirt sizes..

hi okay so im gonna buy a tshirt from Bape Lets say i wear size M (Usa size). and i order a Bape tshirt size M. would it be the same size compare to the usa's size? or would the bape tee be a size S in US? u guys get what im trying to ask? lol like a size Large in japanese would be the same as in US or smaller? thanks for the help

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