shops in China???

你好 I'm going to china in one month, are there any good shops in Beijing (i just know Mess-store) or in chengdu/sichuan province???? I'm not focused one brands. I heard about some stores named '933' are they legit? is there one of them in chengdu or beijing? 谢谢

2 Weeks ago in China

Backpack problem

hi guys I can't find a nice backpack. the best i ever saw was the green/orange supreme backpack last summer. but there's is no shop in my area or in the interenet where i can buy it. I don't want a boring dark backpack So i'm interested in the GRAVIS Metro G.I. [Image] I have no idea how it looks wearing it and i would like to know if the quality is good? i hope you can help me

2 Weeks ago in Fashion