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The BlackBook Thread

[Quote]Your work is amazing. And I especially love the last one; very nice.

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What are you listening to?

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat.

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The Official Relationship, Dating, or Talking Problems/Questions Thread

[Quote]Nah but probably cause you made it sound like a study date since it'd be at night; might've thrown her off. But nevertheless you didn't do anything wrong and she's still cool with you so it's all good.

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The Official Relationship, Dating, or Talking Problems/Questions Thread

[Quote]She said she'll see if she can study with you. She also joked and said bring her some good food since you would be coming back from home and home cooked meals are usually good. Then she says have fun on your trip back home. How is she being confusing? And if you messed up, she wouldn't be nice to you or be sending you smiley faces.

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What are you watching?

Re-run of The Office

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What's the best "basic t-shrit" out there

Sak's (Fifth Ave) Black Label basic tees. Good quality and fit.

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Fashion and/or Finance Schooling to get competitive fashion buyer job.

I work for Saks, and if you want to be a buyer, it's important to be knowledgeable in finance, so I'd recommend taking it. Plus, if you do change your mind and decide not to be a buyer, you can still use your finance degree for something else. In addition, it's important to intern and work in order to acquire experience. Even if you do get your degree, if you don't have experience, then what good is that? Try to find jobs/internships that are relevant to what you want to do. Also, since those companies love to promote from within, try finding an internship or a job with them that way you're also building up your networks (you get to meet important people that can help you get the job). We usually have people from corporate visiting allll the time, so we tend to have a lot of opportunities to talk to them about our goals and the position we'd eventually like to move into. Hope all this helps. Good luck.

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How to get the most out of brand marketing for your clothing line?

One idea is to find the right people (bloggers who fit in with the style of your brand) to spread the word. I know some companies also tend to send free samples of clothing to popular bloggers/ig'ers. & like the other person said, Instagram is pretty big right now so if you can find the right people to promote your line on IG, then you'll have a better chance of increasing your brand awareness. A good majority of bloggers/popular ig'ers post an email on their page for business inquiries so you can contact them through that. Good luck.

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Apps you're addicted to

Instagram & Temple Run.

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What Video Game are You Playing

Street Fighter IV

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Post Your Graphic Works (Graphic Design)

[Quote]I love your work! Very nice.

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