Saturday Night Live

How come there isn't a thread for this. My weekly ritual. Discuss.

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Computer To Computer File Transfer?

I've been googling the shit out of trying to figure this out... I bought a generic A-Male/A-Male usb cord, thinking that it will connect the two computers and bam just transfer. But, it doesn't do that. Can anyone help me out here?

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Christmas Songs?

What are some classic Christmas songs? Gotta make a playlist for the holidays.

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Vans Chukka Boots wif the Fleece?

Been looking for some Chukka Boots Fleece Black but can't seem to find anywhere they ship to Canada. Any help? Thanks a lot.

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Meteor Shower?

Who's gonna watch the meteor shower tonight? Haven't seen anything yet though.

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Skytops in Hamilton?

Are there any shops in Hamilton that carry Skytops? Especially the denim ones. As I have no car and can't really get around. Or Canadian on-line stores that have them? Shipping from the US is rape.

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How to keep white clothes white.


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Blue Jays Hats Online?

I know there's a New Era store down in Toronto but I'm wondering if I can find any Blue Jay Hats online specifically designed ones. Yellow and black hats?

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