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Where should i go for high fashion clothes in HK?

im only going to be in Hong Kong for 2 days so i need to know a few malls and departement sotres that have all the big designers. im also looking for any places that would have stuff like martin margiela and other lesser known brands. And yes i did check the official hk shopping guide but its mostly streetwear. thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Where can i find UBIQ shoes in Hong Kong

are there any stores in HK with a UBIQ account? im looking for a pair of eL's thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia

This season's Winter Jackets

Hey guys, its starting to get cold already where i am. what brands make nice winter Parka's(fur hooded winter coats)? any links to these brands or online stores that carry them would be really helpful thanks

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Where can i get UBIQ?

Ttle explains it all, i really want a pair of UBIQ Fatima's,any online retailers or local canadian shops that carry UBIQ? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Base Control

hey guys, i was reading Antenna Magazine and they were talking about Base control clothing. Anyone know where to cop? their site is in japanese because its a japanese company. are there any north american online retailers that carry it? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Which colorway reigns supreme?

hey guys, im trying to decide between the new Canvas af1 supreme 07's [URL] Which colorway do you think is best?

2 Weeks ago in Supreme

Streetwear getting too mainstream?

Hey guys, i just got back from the movie Superbad. Sitting next to me was a big crowd of geeky looking guys, 4had 10deep and stussy shirts and 3 had a crooks and castles gear. I was wondering if u guys are starting to think that Street Fashion is blowing up to0 fast?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion