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what are some things to do in beijing

Im going to beijing in Feb what is there to do besides the tourist attraction i.e. the Great wall, and Forbidden Palace

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Where to go for kicks in beijing/ shanghai

im going to be in beijing and shanghai do any of you know of any places for kicks? >smh

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nike outlet in taiwan?

do u guys know of a nike outlet in taiwan and other good sneakers shops in taiwan thanks and happy new year

2 Weeks ago in Asia

lebron III CHINA

where in HK can i find lebron III china ed and for how much thanks

2 Weeks ago in China

Shenzen sneakers? clothes?

any cool clothes or sneakers places in shenzen im headed there tomm thnx

2 Weeks ago in Asia

how much will spizikes sell for in ASIA

Hey all! I will be in ASIA (specifically Hong Kong and Taiwan) do you know how much I can sell my Jordan Spizikes for 1) they are VERY RARE limited to only 4032 pairs in the world 2) combination of the Jordan 3,4,5, and 6 3) only sold on the East coast of the United States thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia

places to stay in HK?

Ill be in HK on about 3 weeks? Where are some decent places to stay in HK that would be close to the sneaker shops? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia

Dub zero or the fiery red V 's #23?

If you could cop the dub zero or the fiery red V's #23 which one would u get and why? thanks

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Im going to Taiwan in 3 weeks. I have time to go to 1 other city. I want to pick up some sneakers Where is there a better selection of shoes HK or Japan? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Hong Kong

where do get legit jordans in HK/Taiwan

do u guys know where i can get legit jordans in HK and Taiwan for a decent price about how much are retro Jordan V grapes thanks

2 Weeks ago in Legit Checks

signed spizikes?

were the signed spizikes signed by spike lee before they were sold at the warehouses or were the signatures obtained from waiting in line? it seems like there are a lot of signed spizkes. IF they were signed at the warehouses wouldnt the emplyees at the shoe stores take all the ones with the signatures for themselves?

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difference between authentic spizikes and fake ones?

how do u tell the difference between real spizkies and fake ones? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Brands

urban accounts in asia- shanghai/ taiwan

does anyone know of any nice sneaker places in shanghai or taiwan. I will be there next month. names and directions urban accounts or places that drop quick strikes that has legit shoes would be very helpful where and names of the best sneaker stores in asia? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Asia