UFC 168 - Weidman vs. Silva

who got a stream tho

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Makers of The Walking Dead: Game series. Figured it was a cool thread this past summer. & The next big hit next to The Walking Dead series. Seen a couple of walkthroughs. Good stuff.  [URL] [Image]

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How do these fit thread?

Not really seeing any threads about how a certain sneaker fits.  Which leads up to my question. How do AM90 Hyperfuse fit ?

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I don't even make threads but really dude.

To this "Packofbags" dude. The NBA Playoffs are on, The NHL Playoffs are on. Whats really good with you? What is really the joy of spamming a forum?  Hang out with some friends, go outside, play some video games.  Plus Tracy already done this shit, so you aint really doing shit, Unless you are Tracy. If so you got some next anti-social issues. And plus you done fucked up my JB thread.

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XXL Freshman Class 2013 Revealed

XXL Freshman Class 2013 Schoolboy Q Trinidad Jame$ Joey Bada$$ Ab-Soul Logic Action Bronson Kirko Bangz Travi$ Scott Dizzy Wright "10 Spot People'™s Champion Winner" Angel Haze Chief Keef "œThe 11th Freshman" [Image] Thoughts ? Solid list imo. I fucks with it.

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J.Cole - Truly Yours

[Image] Download at [URL] Finally some new from Cole. Cant wait for the sophomore album

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Life Changes - Casey Veggies

Don't sleep y'all shit is dope. Underrated artists for sure. [URL] [Image]

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Overrated Rappers

Who in your own personal opinion is the most overrated rapper? Can be right now, all time & back then. One that comes to my mind right now is Hopsin. Music & how he puts himself out is corny as hell.

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Well sources say this is the CONFIRMED track list. Japan HMV retailers got it confirmed.. [Image] Coming from a big GOOD Music fan boy, this is very disappointing & weak with only 12 songs.. No Frank Ocean, James Blake, MR HUDSON, MOS DEF & hardly any Kid Cudi features. I'm not going to judge the album itself because I obviously havent heard it yet but CMON 'YE!

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