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Fragrance/Cologne Discussion Thread

cool water used to be my ish when i was single. now that i'm married, come to find out that actually the smell a lot of ladies prefer is no smell at all. so basically be clean and use deodorant and you're prolly good as far as getting girls. problem with most "fragrance" rocking dudes is... they put on too damn much, i mean you're only supposed to put a little bit and you wind up choking out half the bar with the stench

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] if someone had some t-shirt collab ideas, what's the best way to get in touch or start the process... only reason i'm asking is my rap name is tony diamonds, and i remember seeing my first diamond shirt a long time ago before people were really even rockin em and thinking to myself "this brand came out to take all my money" lol i pretty much rock diamond stuff to any show i do on account of the rap name alone AND stuff is dope too...

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