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One of the hardest things about starting brand is branding. We all want our name to be known of well recognized. We can't do that without displaying our brand to the masses.It cost money to reach the masses. Well I wanted to have a little contest to help out some of those having trouble. [b]Whether you be a brand, artist, photographer, DJ, fitness coach if you or someone you know is lookingto put their name out there, this contest is for you. I will be offering my services to 1 lucky person.[/b]  The winner of the contest will get a chance to see their logo screen printed onto 12 shirts (size small - xlarge) in your choice or color shirt (12 black shirts or 12 white shirts)Your design will need to be print ready ([b]PDF, AI or PS[/b]) vector is preferred. If you need a design made for you, we will offer design work for $50. If design to be created is a bit more complex we can discuss quotes. 1 side and 1 color only.We will provide the shirts and pay for shipping. This contest is only being offered to those living in the [b]US[/b]. [b]This a Instagram based contest[/b]. [b]Save the image and repost on IG[/b] [Image]  RULES TO APPLY PAY IT FORWARD CONTEST   1. REPOST IMAGE 2. TAG @BIGBANKDESIGNS AND USE #BANKITFORWARD TO SHARE 3. TAG 2 OTHER BUSINESSES WHO NEED THEIR LOGO PRINTED    CONTEST WILL END: MAY 30TH

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[Broken Bank™] 2015 Discussion Thread

We're back and with some designs. Our Spring/Summer 15 Collection B[URL]  IG/TW @brokenbankclo Fast Money v1 [Image]

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[Broken Bank] - 2014 Official Discussion Thread

[URL] [Image]

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This may be a general question that someone knows the answer to or has experience with. When doing a collaboration with another brand what are the details on how business is done? Any new brand may want to hook up with another brand, small or large, for extra exposure or just because it's a brand that they may also like. How are sales handled, advertising and distribution of the pieces, etc. Anyone with any experience with this, it would probably help a lot of people.

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[ Broken Bank * Clothing ] - 2013 Discussion Thread

[Image] We are debuting some of are new release item and our Broken Bank University Capsule pack this Spring Check out or site and social media to stay updated "Proud of our making, blind to our taking" [URL]

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Lebron Galaxy All star shoe sz 14 & 9.5 & Blazer mid 09 sz 9

all sold all sold

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[Broken Bank Clothing] – 2012 Official Discussion Thread

[Image] [URL] Twitter/Instagram @brokenbankclo Stay Tuned...

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