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WTB box logo crew neck or hoodie, Kate Moss s/s 12 tee L

[Image] Looking to buy a box logo crew neck sweater or any box logo hoodie in size L. I am not looking for olive green or the black/yellow colorway. I am also looking for a size L s/s12 Kate Moss tee in grey or white. Location is The Netherlands. I have my Paypal account ready.

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Dead7’s official girl thread

http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5h6seK2391qivd1ao1_500.jpg Who's this?

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[ Norse Projects ] - 2012 Discussion Thread

I buy Norse Projects stuff at my local store in Utrecht, The Netherlands. They do international shipping. They have sale on at the moment, so it might be worth taking a look; http://illstore.nl/manufacturer/norse-projects

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who knows this brand

yes, that's what i did, but nothing showed up. So I was wondering what you did to find it. ah wel...

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who knows this brand

I'm very curious about how you found it. Enlighten me with your google skillz please.

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can anyone id this shirt??

Christopher Kane Galaxy tees from S/S 11 have the similar full prints.

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Supreme Legit Check Thread

Yes they make fake caps too. Look here: http://1f.www65.babidou.com/pic/2010/3/2/giggs1129/T2nsdKXbxcXXXXXXXX_!!143720506.jpg (Copy paste the full url into browser bar. Hyperlink doesn't work.) These are better copies than the leopard safari fakes for example, where the easiest way to spot them would be by looking at the clip. The adjustable clip would just be on the right side instead of the left side. The CDG fake can be spotted by looking at the tags, stitching and the odd looking fit. The upper part is much to high. I guess anyone who has ever seen a real Supreme cap can spot these from a mile away, so don't worry.

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WTB Vans Vault Era Aloha S/S 2011 sz 10.5 , 11

[Image] WTB Vans Vault Era Aloha S/S 2011 in sz 10.5 or 11. Will buy any colour way. Name your price including shipment to The Netherlands. Payment through PayPal.

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