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Biggest sale at my spot

yo, I would do anything for some De la Souls... I'll give you 75(size 11)... i'll paypal you in 10min flat.

2 Weeks ago in United States

modest skateshop catalogue teaser

sick stuff... esp all the black sb boxs and portraits... where is that shop located?

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

snowboarding ____________________

Snowboarding is the shit... straight up... I used to live in bmore and could hardly ever board but i moved up to burlington, vt and i learned this year what snowboarding truely is... waste high powder, rock drops, real glades. amazing. So yeah, board wise... id actually wait until next season and check with your local resorts to see when board companies come for demos... they will let you try as many boards as you can possible want to. Try em, big/small, wide/skinny, expensive/cheap... everything and see what feels best. Yeah, your going to pay more cause you'll want to go buy one after you try em but then you'll get a board you really like and one that fits you well(ive bought/been give some boards that are horrible) Now, im about to secure an internship at burton for the next year or two so im going to go say pick up a burton board cause they know what they're doing and really take care of you as a customer... but i'll also say that there are plenty of companies that are just as good(-ride)... make sure to get technine bindings and/or boots that are the best no questions asked. I also like lib tech. Check out my fav shop... they have some stuff on their website(shops better) [URL] gluck with the decision and remember... no doo rags on the mountain

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any sneaker boutiques in london/italy ?!?!

Im actually going to be in london about 3-4times in the next month or so, i have a 6 hour layover... im going to try and get from heathrow to downtown, get some food, and pick up some shoes... out of those places^^^ what do you recommend for SBs? and good sales on SBs? Thanks guys and good luck inthe world cup... i think you guys might take it pretty darn far(though saturday didnt look that good)

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Burlington heads?

Yo, Any burlington VT heads? UVM students? Whats good? Im out of there for the summer and im bummed... used to picking up my SBs for mad good prices at Talent and some sick shit at Maven and Burton Factory. Anyone know the name of that place on Church St... ive stopped by a couple of times, alittle pricey but still chill, doesn't seem like that guy put a sign up though.

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Where yall from

born and raised in the 410 left for the 802(that would be burlington Vermont) home of Burton Snowboards and the best place to pick up SBs(Talent Skatepark)

2 Weeks ago in United States