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FELLAS.. photography critique! Move-in day..

Sup fellas, Shot these over the weekend while helping a friend move around. Empty crib with a few bare "first world essentials" = kind of a dope vibe. Let me know what you guys think! [Image] Used an iPhone 4S and Camera+ for edits. I'm really trying to promote the usage of smartphones as completely good alternatives to digital cameras / further the whole idea that the best camera is the one that goes with you everywhere. I made a tumblr as a mobile photography stream and started off with a few fresh shots. Again, def would love to hear what you guys think on it all! I know it's a little bit of a controversial topic, but it's exciting to see what pictures phones alone can take these days.

2 Weeks ago in Photography

Nike Air MAG 2011 Shoot

What's up fellas? I figured you guys would appreciate these photos here more so than anywhere else. The Nike MAG 2011s showed up at my doorstep about two weeks ago and I happened to have a camera laying around. So I did what any normal person would do.. I took some pictures. [Image] That's it! Wanted to share this with you guys because I thought the whole way Nike put this together was pretty cool (they didn't just throw these in an orange box and call it a day). Hope you guys enjoy.

2 Weeks ago in Nike

Amazon Kindle Fire Official Discussion Thread

Anybody catch Amazon's event last night with Jeff Bezos showing off the new Kindle family? What do you guys think? 7" tablet for $199.99 and the content they have.. I think they're onto something. Shares the same OEM manufacturer as the BlackBerry playbook (Quanta) but at least half the price with a better OS. I've always been an iPad guy but getting a pretty well thought-out tablet for the price of an iPod touch seems hard to ignore. [Image] Read more: [URL]

2 Weeks ago in Tech

Constructive Comments Needed! ELEMEN7

What's up dudes? I've got a few photos that i've gathered up through the year. Posting here because I figured you guys are a very particular bunch when it comes to photographs. I study Economics at Rutgers U so this is more of a passion thing than anything else. I've been shooting for about a year now. Thanks in advance for your words.. always looking to improve. Inspirations are mainly just a mixed bunch of what i've seen in magazines, coupled with a few things by 13thwitness who i'm a fan of. Sized to medium for the sake of bandwidth. Just some photos of people that i've shot and places i've been (which is why I got the GF1.. so compact). Without further ado.. [Image] Again, thanks for dropping by and spending some time.

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

Help: ID shoes

Can anyone help me ID these shoes? I found these at my cousin's e-store, but it was an asian website. [Image] Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Brands

ES Stamp - What does it mean?

I'm about to purchase some NIKE Halloween Scarfaces with this ES stamp. What is an ES stamp? From my perspective, it looks like the Employee Store Stamp from Nike. My cousin said it won't be as valuable if i decide to stock it. True?

2 Weeks ago in Forum Support


My cousin's selling these, debating on whether or not i should cop: [Image] What do you guys think?

2 Weeks ago in Brands