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(WTB) my visvim backpack got stolen, help me find a new one

The other night I went to a concert (Chelsea Wolfe, it was awesome) and when I got there they didn't allow backpacks inside so I had to go put my visvim ballistic 20L back in my car. 2 hours or so later I came back out to my car and the back window was smashed and my backpack along with my camera and several other things were stolen. My insurance is covering most of it (minus the outrageous deductible) but the problem is I can't seem to find another one of these bags anywhere. [Image] here is the bag. It is the ballistic 20L from fw 06/07 and the bottom is made of elk leather, unlike the new version that has suede instead. Note that this version has the white patch near the bottom. I bought it on yahoo.jp for about $450 and can't find another one anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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The Official A.P.C Denim Thread

New Standards for sale, bought in 2011 with about 4 months of solid wear. Not much fading, although honeycombs and stacks are visible. tagged: 29 Fits: 31 or 32 32" inseam $130 shipped

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